About Me…?

Name: Hanna

Born in: March 18, 1998

Stat: Single

Favourites: Love horses, everything that fun.

Motto: Keep Moving Forward! And be optimist. GBU


100% Indonesian, proud to be Indonesian. πŸ˜€

A bit Bizarre, not talk much with strangers and new peoples…

I’m a girl, who always try to reach my dreams. I’m not a person that can easily like someone. I maybe annoying, well, not girly at all and far away from elegant. :p

But I’ll always be my self, and you know, in a person, I’m a girl that can easily cry. Especially when I watch movies, don’t be surprised when I’m suddenly crying. -_-

More than that, I love friends and friendships, I’m not interested in having boyfriends. I love natures, animals(especially cat, horses)

Thank you very much for reading my blog, I’m still learning on it.

And I LOVE BOOKS SO MUCH IN MY LIFE. I’m not sure I can live without books. -_-”

Thanks, and enjoy…

Hope I make you comfort. ;D Cheers!




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