Hai, just wanna share short things!

I’m workin’ on my new project. It’s a novel, still and forever, fiction, and another else like romance, action, adventures and friendship becomes love. Wow… hahaha. You know. My dream to be a novelist is like a li’l bird that always wanna fly.
I wanna fly since a long time ago.

I wanna see my own book-made is staring back at me in the bookstore.

More than that, I wanna be like Stephenie Meyer and J.K. Rowling.

Maybe it’s impossible.

Reaching dreams need struggles. Like me. While workin’ on, I faced a lot of troubles, problems, conflict and etc.

Umpamanya, aku kayak lagi nyebrangin arus ombak lautan yang ganas. #asek

Ya! The first time, I feel very small, more than an ant.

Aku ngelewatin banyak masalah baik dari novelku sendiri atau dari luar, bahkan tekanan mental. ._.v Aku sering dihantui rasa nggak PD, bahwa novelku nggak sebagus karya lain, takut penerbitnya nolak mentah-mentah, suka kurang percaya diri kalo lagi nulis novel.

I was haunted by fear.

And then something make me realize. When I was down, something brought me up. It opened the door for me–I dunno what.

It lived in my mind. And then I realize something:

We’ll never be success if we don’t wanna face it.

Dan lagi, aku sempet gapunya motivator sedikitpun jadi aku bergantung sepenuhnya sama aku sendiri. It was very difficult times.

I must built my own spirit my own… confidence.

But I did it. 🙂 I faced the struggles, I know my journey’s still long and far away from finish line but I’m not afraid anymore, coz I have stood up and found myself reaching the sky.

Well… for everyone that is feeling desperate, be strong guys.

Aku percaya KALIAN BISA. You all can reach ’em. Stand up and start again, don’t care about everything–be yourself always. Built your confidence. 😀 Jangan gampang ga pede! Karena setiap orang punya keahlian masing-masing. If we want to try, I’m sure we will reach success. :DDDD


And the most imporant thing in this life: pray. It’s very good and the very first thing you have to do.

And when you’ve done it, I’ll give you a congrats! :DDDD

Congratulation Guys! You Did it!! :DD Don't Stop then, Keep Move On!