Well, thank god, it’s my third write journals. :9

Hello again! Hahaha it’s still me, Hanna. Um… mau cerita. Tentang suatu problem.

Bukan problem sepele. Malahan gede banget. Banget. Kalo kalian liat blog my crazy-friend-like-me, she was also talking about it yesterday. Yeah, coz more than less we have a same problem.

Di sekolahku, ada beberapa anak yang kena masalah. Not a little problem. Half of them will be dropped out or DO. From school.

And more pathetic is…

Some of them are my friends.

The first is a boy named X. He’s my classmate, maybe he looks silent and not much talking. Dia juga nggak terlalu peduli sama cewek, cuek abiss…, walaupun kadang-kadang ada yang ngagetin dari sifat aslinya. -___-” yah, walaupun gitu, dia orangnya enak. And he’s my friend.

The second… is a boy too, named M. Well, he’s more popular than X in my school. Bukan, dia bukan yang terganteng, ato terkeren ato bahkan terpinter. x___x Tapi dia cukup populer karena dia gampang bergaul, he’s TOTALLY fun, kind to girls.

Well, walaupun kadang menindas cowok, rada bandel–biasa. Tapi dia orangnya baik dan ngelawak. He’s my best pal and I considered him as my best friend. I dunno if he’s considering me or not, ’cause I made that decision by myself. I dunno, I just feel that I have to protect both of them.

Kenapa mereka harus di DO? Aku nggak mau nyalahin sekolah, tapi aku juga nggak mau nyalahin temen-temenku.

Allright, they can drop out the leader of this dangerous ‘event’. But not my Friends. For God’s sake, they didn’t do anything. There were witnesses. Mereka nggak ikutan, they were just passing through. Itu kan bukan kesalahan.

But.. Mau nggak mau aku juga nasehatin, guys. If you ever see something like that, don’t join it or even approach.

But please. If someone’s reading my blog… The principal especially.

PLEASE. Don’t drop out them. I feel stupid ’cause All I can do is just begging like an id*o*…

For GOD’S SAKE. They are my friends too. And I did tell everybody that I love mu friends, no matter how they are.

Kalau sekolah nggak bisa membatalkan keputusan, what about another option? Serahin mereka ke kita.

I promise will take care of them and try my best to change them. I Promise.

I hope everything’ll be okay. Well.. I had memorized them. If yesterday will be the last time I saw them… I won’t regret it ’cause I’ve tried to remember them as well as I can do. 🙂

Well. Another topic?

Get back to senior… Haha Untuk Maura, if she’s reading this, Sorry!! Aku ga bisa ngasi tau siapa itu senior. Hohoho… 100% Private!

Well… like usual, I always try to watch him. And, again, can’t stare back at him. I hate it when I feel weak when I’m near him. -_-*

Yeaa… paling dia juga ga peduli. but, WHATEVER. Anyway, this is much more dissapointing.


But I CAN’t WATCH THE CONCERT! TT___________TT I’m VERY CRAZY about it. I saw the ad on the tv, and I was shouting.

They talked Indonesian! Like, “Apa kabar?” Then, “We are Westlife, wait for us in Indonesia, 5 October in Tenis indoor Senayan.”

Kalau aja suaraku nggak abis, pasti aku udha teriak-teriak kayak orang kesurupan. god… Addicted to Westlife! I Luv You Guys!! :*